Starting and stopping shifts has never been easier.

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Monitor your employees'
time & attendance.

3.. 2.. 1.. Capture

Our Times App captures photos of your employees as they clock in and out. It’s a great way to accurately calculate your timesheets at the end of the week and it’s load of fun.

Built for iOS and Android

We're using the very latest technology from Apple and Android to help deliver you the fastest, most reliable solution.


Once roster is created, you can easily publish it with a click of a button. All data is pushed into Times mobile app. Employees can easily download their weekly roster onto their mobile phones.

Happier Workplace

Our App is the easiest way to make your workplace simpler, happier and more productive. It streamlines time collection, employee communication and workplace tasks.

Know exactly when your staff get to work, and when they leave.

Times’ employee time clock app uses device’s built-in camera to capture staff photos, so you can be sure that the correct staff are clocking in, at the right time!

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Always pay your staff accurately and fairly for the times they work.

A simple four digit code and photo means that the right staff are always working at the right time.

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